Antelope Refuge
American Farm
At Night, Bielsko Biala
Barn and Grapes, Gonzales
Behind the Tules
Beloved Galadus
Black Butte
Black Cottonwood
Black Soil
Blanket of Snow
Blue Oak, Black Butte
Boat Lights, Paris
Bridge at Night
Brookings, OR
Cachagua Oak
California Desert
Canal in the Morning
Candle Prayers
Castle Lake and Mt. Shasta
Cathedral Oaks
Cattails in Fog
Chair and Pier
Chaos and Harmony
Chapel on the Lake
Chapel, Tuscany
Chinese Calligraphy
Church of All Saints, The
Church of the Visitation of the Virgin
City of Angels
Clouds Loom over the City
Coastline of Oregon
Cove, Garrapata Beach
Crosses in Snow
Crossing the River
Dead Man's Cove
Death Valley
Descent into Dubrovnik
Dismal Nitch
Dunes after Rain
Empty Benches
Europa Hotel
Fence and Black Butte
Fishing Boat
Flax Seed
Floating City
Floating Clouds
Flowering Trees
Four Flowerpots
Forest and Tules
Franciscan Monk
Freedom Bridge
Frozen Tules
Gang, The
Garrapata Beach, Study 1
Good Morning Valley Oaks
Hallway Opera
Harvest Storm
Hawaii Grass
Heart and Rock
Heart Mountains
Hi'an at Night
Hiding in the Tules
Invisible Woman
Kaaliali Trail
Khaos, Tules
Laguna Oaks
Late Night with Fog and Tules
Life on the Land
Light Burst
Lisbon Street Car
Little Shasta Valley
Lonely Alley
Lonely Road
Lonely Rock
Marsh, Study 2
Memories of an Oak
Metaphysical Tree
Midnight Walk
Mirror Wetland
Monday in Versailles
Monday in Versailles
Moon over Shasta Valley
Morning Glory
Morning Tea
Moss Landing
Moving Boat, The Seine
Mt. Shasta Shadow
Mystical Tules
New Bridge
Night Bridge, Paris
Night Gondola
North Side
North Tower
Oak and Clouds
Oak Nest
Oak in Rain
Oaks Apart
Old Grapevines
On the Edge at Wildcat
Open Sky
Opening in the Sky
Opera House
Path to Krasnogruda
Piazza, San Marco
Pier and Tules
Pier in the Tules
Pinot Vineyard
Point Lobos at Night
Prague Towers
Proverbial Forest
Pulsing River
Puna Sunrise
Quiet Canal
Quiet Night and Wood Boat
Raindrops, Beijing
Reflection, Datong
Rock, Garrapata
Rye and Night Storm
Saddle Ridge
Saint Nicholas, Study 2
Sanskrit Tules
Sanskrit Tules, Study 2
Shanghai in Rain
Silverton, Colorado
Sleeping Tule
Snow Dust
Snow Tules
Specular Reflection
Spilling out Light
Stark Reflections
State of Jefferson
Stone Bridge
Strawberry Fields
Stream of Tules
Street Car Rendevouz
Stretching Silos
Sunlit Alcove
Sunrise Ruby
Symmetry of Tules
Time Tunnel
Top of the World
Towering Tules
Triangles of Tules
Tule Day Dream
Tule Eyes
Tule Patterns
Tule Triangle
Tules and Stones
Tules Dance
Tules in Motion, Study 2
Tules in Wind
Two Lovers in Storm
Unknown Coast
Unknown Hawaii
Venetian Evening
Venice Pier
Vitaleta Chapel, The
Wall, Datong
Weeping Willow
West Lake
Western Sky
Whales Head
Wild Pear Tree
Window Cleaner
Winter Sky
Winter, Waipio Bay
Wood by Wood
Floating Trees
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