Orthodox Priest
Altar Stairs
At the Boundary
At Night, Kafka
Augustow Canal
Awini Trail
Beckwith Orchard
Bench in Snowdrift
Bialowieza Forest
Blackbirds at Sousa Marsh
Black River
Black Rock Beach
Blue Oak at Dusk
Boat and Lake
Branch Swing
Brett Weston Beach
Bridge in Spring
Carmel Valley in Fog
Carmel Valley Mist
Chapel on a Hill
Chapel Cemetery
Charles Bridge, The
Chimney Sweep
City of Golden Shadows
Cloud Dragon, Mt.
Cottonwood Lace
Curly Brackets
December Bridge
December Morning
Dendritic Oaks
Descent to Lisbon Harbor
Dorris in Winter
Dream of a Tree
Edge, The
Evening Prayer
Five Oaks
Floating Oak
Fractal Tules
Frosted Slough
Grapes of Wrath
Great Unconformity, The
Heavy Silence
Highway One
Humu'ula Saddle
Ice Road
Incoming Tide
Jekyll Island
Land of Milk and Honey
Lavender Farm
Lindstrom Vineyard
Maidenly Lake
May Storm in Wild Rye
Merced River and Oaks
Middle Fork
Miró Fish
Modesto Arch
Morning in Lisbon
Morning Prayer
Morning Reflections
Morning Walk
Moving Train
Mt. Shasta, 2010
Mt. Shasta and Clouds
Mt. Shasta Rising
Night Storm, Lavender Farm
Oak and Snag
Open Heaven's Gate
Orthodox Priest
Paris at Night
Peace, Buddha
Petals in Motion
Petals in Motion #2
Phantom Canoe
Pinot Noir, Pisoni Vineyard
Pond and Montezuma Hills
Prayer Room
Purple Needlegrass
Quiet Symphony, Study 2
Rain Tree Lace
Ready for the Rise
River of Memory
River Silhouettes
Road to Paradise
Sage and Oaks
Salinas Valley
San Luis Dam
Santa Lucia
Sea Star
Self Portrait in Alcove
Self Portrait II
Shadow Play
Shopping Cart with Leaves
Slough in Winter
Snow Curtain
Soda Lake
Soda Lake, Carrizo Plains
St. Casimir's Lane
Sweet Mary
Temple of Heaven
The Source
Tin Roof and Thunderheads
Tower Steps
Train Tracks
Tufted Hairgrass
Tule Curtain
Tule Elk
Tule Geometry
Tunnels in the Trees
Two-Hearted Oak II
Two Men Fishing
Valley after the Rain
Vanishing Pier
Waiting for Sunrise
Walking in the Fog
Water Dance
Wheel of Contemplation
Wigry Lake
Windmill at Rancho Seco
White Oaks
Windy Night
Winter Reflection
Winter Storm, Carrizo Plain
Winter Vineyard
Women's Gallery
Wooden Pier
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