Magical Mount Shasta
Silver Oak
Mount Hood River Gorge
Island Oak
Tule Dancers
Cathedral Oaks
Oak in the Rain
Oaks in Web
Modern 2
Mumbo Lake
Along Lonely Road
Rolling Fog
Nordfjord 1
Ebb and Flow
Dark Clouds over Fjord
Frozen Tules
Sea and Sky
Towering Tule 2
Khaos, Tules (only available with new book)
Miró Fish (Poland), (only available with new book)
Lilly Pads and Tules
Angel Star
Tule and Mount Shasta (only available with new book)
Athos Bay
Walking in the Fog
Lonely Road
Timeless Pier
Angel Silhouette
Coastline of Oregon
Sunlit Alcove
Marsh, Study 2
Galves Lake
Praque Towers
Hallway Opera
Tule Fish
Walking in The Fog
Late Night with Fog and Tules
Monday with Apollo
Forest and Tules
Tules and Stones
Triangles of Tules
Awini Trail, Hawaii
Light Burst
Opera House
Bixby Bridge
Homeward Bound II
Carmel Valley Oak
Invisible Woman
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