West Lake (China)
Weeping Willow (China)
Stream of Tules
Symmetry of Tules
Towering Tules
Distant Stone
Snow Tules
Frozen Tules
Metal Tules
Curtin of Tules
Hiding in the Tules
Behind the Tules
Distant Forest and Tules
Tule Harvest
Tule Geometry Study 1 (Poland)
Stark Reflections (Shasta)
Tule Triangle (Poland)
Lily Pads and Tules (Poland)
Tullin (Poland)
Pictograph (Carmel Valley)
Tule and Branch (Carmel Valley)
Curly Brackets (Poland)
Fractal Tules (Poland)
Aquatic Forms (Poland)
Tule Raft
Tule Day Dream
Under a Blanket of Fog 2
Linda and Tule 2
Tule Signature
Tule Triangle 2
Towering Tule 2
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